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Extensions in this section pertain to the game launch phase that is handled by a separate "launcher" application. The launcher prepares the shell environment and loads the executable image into program memory in a suspended state before editing it and resuming execution.


Introduced around, this extension in the affirmative is equivalent to playing a game without the aid of the Sword of Moonlight Extension Library. Values are limited to binary statements.[#]

Note: for standalone games with the Project.DAT file in the EX folder the file must be moved to the game's root folder or the game will fail to start. It is safe to try this as long as you don't save your game. Even still a game may be so dependent upon extensions that it will not be playable or may even refuse to play. Whether or not it is safe for your computer and or its components is another story!

Important! in later versions of the Extension Library it is not necessary to set do_... form extensions. This extension must be explicitly set to work. eg. do_without_the_extension_library=yes. This is because Microsoft's GetPrivateProfileString API ignores unset INI values (whereas GetPrivateProfileSection does not.) This should be remedied when there is enough reasons to update SOM_EX.exe.


Introduced around, this extension manually specifies the executable image relative to the game's root folder. The default behavior is to look in the EX folder and use the first file found with a .bin file extension. It is recommended that you only use the final patched version of som_rt.exe released by From Software without making any edits to the file whatsoever. Special care should be taken to ensure that you are indeed using the correct file[1].

When converting a project into a standalone game SOM_RUN copies the som_rt.exe file in the tool folder and changes the name to GAME.EXE. It is recommended that you delete this file or move it to the EX folder and change the name to the name of the game, or something similar, using only ASCII characters and then change the extension part to .bin. Values are limited to legal ASCII file names.


Introduced around, this extension provides a title for your game. The default behavior is to use the name of the launcher executable file without the file extension part. This title should not be overly long but neither should it be incomplete or shorthand. Using either the main title or the subtitle, but not both, is probably best. Refer to #window_title_to_use. Values are limited to any string of text.[#]