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This is a wiki regarding Sword of Moonlight and all things related to and or prerequisite to enjoying these things; not including basic existential needs such as food and sleep.

This is a public domain wiki. Otherwise there is no real charter governing its use or misuse, as is the only underlying principal holding to wiki culture. A wiki is a product of many, and it is owned by all, especially its editors. Should anyone require a copy of this wiki, you will be put on a waiting list, and such a copy within a reasonable period will be made available to you, by whatever means necessary.

If the wiki is down for any period of time for any reason, unless otherwise stated, there is a technical reason for being so. Hopefully someone will be working on it.

Vandals and spammers will be twarted as best as is possible. Until someone produces an "X-rated" Sword of Moonlight game there is really no practical reason to deploy explicit language or images within the wiki, especially in the article pages. For the record, it's the wish of the installer that the wiki follow Wikipedia guidelines however those may evolve over time. That said, this is an exhaustive "Sword of Moonlight" wiki, and therefore there is no such thing as "too much information" or "not encyclopedic" as long as something is pertinent. Nevertheless, please strive to organize articles in an easy to digest fashion. Remember to categorize everything so readers can find it.

Swordofmoonlight.net reserves and retains the right to scrape this installation of the wiki as it sees fit. And needless to say, the administrator may attempt to prevent others from doing so if bandwidth is a problem or the scraper does not have a legitimate enough reason for doing so.

Know that a wiki is not a democracy. It's the sum total of its editors' input. For now this page will be locked. If you'd appreciate otherwise, please talk about it or anything else in the Talk:About page.

~Above all else, respect anonymity~

--Holy Diver 13:56, 16 February 2011 (CST)