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Please feel free to disabuse me within my User_talk:Holy_Diver page.


--Holy Diver 15:21, 16 February 2011 (CST)

PS: In case you're wondering, you can call me Holy for short.

~Above all else, respect anonymity~


[edit] Q&A

Q: Is User:Holy your account as well?

A: Yes, this account is only for doing stuff in official capacity as a Sysop. Holy is on equal footing with any other user and should be treated as such (and also in theory keeps anyone from masquerading as the Sysop)

[edit] Stuff "Holy" is hoping to help out with (ie. not Sysop stuff)

[edit] Notes: Sanitizer.php additions

  • Fieldset (class)
  • Legend (class)

[edit] Source Edits

[edit] Title.php

Rationale: Allow anonymous edits without confirmed email address!!




if ( $wgEmailConfirmToEdit && !$user->isEmailConfirmed() && $action != 'createaccount' ) {
	$errors[] = array( 'confirmedittext' );

[edit] Custom Messages

{{SUBPAGETITLE}} btw is part of SubpageFun.php extension.
Message used by Moonlight skin (Moonlight.php)
Highly dependent upon SubpageFun and ArrayExtensions extension. 
Subtitle hooked in LocalSettings.php.
Quick CSS access for custom Moonlight theme

[edit] Extension configuration notes

  • Wiki:Titleblacklist (User page titles cannot include numbers. This is ostensibly to prevent spam, but an attractive policy regardless.)

[edit] Ringmaster duty

The original idea I had for a webring banner :D

This is a list of websites participating in the webring per the join up instructions. Sites wishing to be removed should be struck out using the <strike> html tag/closure.

The URLs are to a working webring page (see /Webring) and should be signed by a registered/logged in user, so the account's User_talk page may be used to notify the user, in case there is trouble with the link. In other words, the user becomes the contact for the signed link.

  • --Holy Diver 16:35, 8 August 2011 (CDT)
  • --Holy Diver 16:35, 8 August 2011 (CDT)
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