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Please feel free to disabuse me within my User_talk:Holy_Diver page.


--Holy Diver 15:21, 16 February 2011 (CST)

PS: In case you're wondering, you can call me Holy for short.

~Above all else, respect anonymity~


Q: Is User:Holy your account as well?

A: Yes, this account is only for doing stuff in official capacity as a Sysop. Holy is on equal footing with any other user and should be treated as such (and also in theory keeps anyone from masquerading as the Sysop)

Stuff "Holy" is hoping to help out with (ie. not Sysop stuff)[edit]

Notes: Sanitizer.php additions[edit]

  • Fieldset (class)
  • Legend (class)

Source Edits[edit]


Rationale: Allow anonymous edits without confirmed email address!!




if ( $wgEmailConfirmToEdit && !$user->isEmailConfirmed() && $action != 'createaccount' ) {
	$errors[] = array( 'confirmedittext' );

Custom Messages[edit]

{{SUBPAGETITLE}} btw is part of SubpageFun.php extension.
Message used by Moonlight skin (Moonlight.php)
Highly dependent upon SubpageFun and ArrayExtensions extension. 
Subtitle hooked in LocalSettings.php.
Quick CSS access for custom Moonlight theme

Extension configuration notes[edit]

  • Wiki:Titleblacklist (User page titles cannot include numbers. This is ostensibly to prevent spam, but an attractive policy regardless.)

Ringmaster duty[edit]

The original idea I had for a webring banner :D

This is a list of websites participating in the webring per the join up instructions. Sites wishing to be removed should be struck out using the <strike> html tag/closure.

The URLs are to a working webring page (see /Webring) and should be signed by a registered/logged in user, so the account's User_talk page may be used to notify the user, in case there is trouble with the link. In other words, the user becomes the contact for the signed link.

  • --Holy Diver 16:35, 8 August 2011 (CDT)
  • --Holy Diver 16:35, 8 August 2011 (CDT)