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  • |developer = [[From Software]] |genre = [[First person (video games)|First person]] [[role-playing game]]
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  • | developer = [[From Software]] | publisher = [[From Software]]
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  • ...straction layer]] for restoring and extending older [[Direct X]] games and software (in reality Ex has always evolved alongside Sword of Moonlight/Ex). ...riginally implied. But also the project's scope narrowed to purely playing games; made possible by delegating its roles as a modular library to related proj
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  • |developer = [[From Software]] |publisher = {{vgrelease|JP=From Software}}{{vgrelease|NA=ASCIIWare}}{{vgrelease|PAL=[[Metro 3D]]}}
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  • |developer = [[From Software]] |publisher = {{vgrelease|JP=From Software}}{{vgrelease|NA=[[ASCII Entertainment]]}}{{vgrelease|EU=[[Sony Computer Ent
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  • ...ld Episode IV: Epilogue]]'' (X) is an unordered open ended series (with no games completed or in the works) set in an alternative multiverse devoid of magic ...mehow'' owing its existence to the rise to ascension of Sword of Moonlight software.
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  • ...rom Software's own [[Sword of Moonlight: King's Field Making Tool]] retail software. .... The maintainers of the canon designate which games, and versions of said games, are deemed to be apocryphal, or breaking with the canon, or some version (
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  • ...ftware.jp/ From Software] {{ja}}<br />[http://www.fromsoftware.jp/en/ From Software] {{en}} ==Games==
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  • |developer = [[From Software]] |publisher = {{vgrelease|JP=From Software}}{{vgrelease|NA=ASCIIWare}}
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  • | caption = 20th anniversary (of From Software) [[King's Field (series)#Merchandise and other media|King's Field: Dark Sid | developer = [[From Software]]
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  • ...ork with a project. Beyond its obvious utility as a media file, since 2013 software that extends Sword of Moonlight had begun to prescribe additional meaning t |USER||overrides the [[Wikipedia:computer file|computer file]]s of CD. Games save their files to USER.
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  • '''Note: for standalone games with the ''Project.DAT'' file in the ''EX'' folder the file must be moved t ...ou only use the final patched version of ''som_rt.exe'' released by [[From Software]] without making any edits to the file whatsoever. Special care should be t
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  • ...>Note: This debate has been included in the [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/Deletion|list of video game related deletion discussions]]. ({{find video g ...included in the [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/Software|list of Software-related deletion discussions]]. <!--Template:Deletion sorting--></small><sm
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  • ...osen to be eponymous with the prominent appearance of keys in King's Field games, keys in the Windows registry, and keys as a way of classifying information ...the filters "public" and "private" have special meaning when loading a key from an [[INI]] file. However in this context you are simply changing where the
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  • ...es. Normally players can use their display adapters control panel to force games to play this way if they want to.''' ...because the image was corrupted in the original EXE file provided by From Software, so it just appeared to be a black screen if not repaired by the user. This
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  • ...as if it is identical to the last version of som_rt.exe released by [[From Software]]. '''Note: if the Bugfix section is absent from all of the INI files involved the new default behavior, as of around 1.1.1.
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  • ...ly with the editing tools which authors use to make new Sword of Moonlight games. For the most part other sections pertain to tools only in so far as if and ...button graphics are darker than background graphics, and so might benefit from increased contrast.
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  • ...atabase, or within temporary files. If SOM is not assigned, or empty, then software should assume that a SOM file has not been made available. ...It is of no practical use within the SOM file itself, but is important to software development. Still it may be useful to override SOM with a new value as lon
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  • ...or otherwise... but there was a source from a RS which itself was sourced from the number one publication on the subject matter in Japan. And B) I am posi ::::They are guaranteed to exist. No high profile software is released by a high profile company, for a high profile game series, with
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  • ...0.0.1|any string of text|indicates the singular person responsible for the games musical arrangements|text}} ...|indicates any thanks the game makers would like to confer. Thanks to From Software for instance|text}}
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