King's Field III

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King's Field III
Cover art for the U.S. release of King's Field III.
Developer(s) From Software
  • JP From Software
  • NA ASCIIWare
Series King's Field
Platform(s) PlayStation, PlayStation Network
Release date(s) PlayStation
  • JP June 21, 1996
  • NA November 20, 1996
PlayStation Network
  • JP October 10, 2007
Genre(s) First person role-playing game
Mode(s) Single-player
Rating(s) ESRB: Teen (T)

King's Field III is the third game in the King's Field RPG series. Like both its successor and predecessors, the game is played through first person view in a dark and mysterious, medieval fantasy setting.

The game was developed by the Japanese game development company From Software, and released June 21, 1996 in Japan, and October 31, 1996 in the U.S.[1][2] Since the first King's Field game was never published outside Japan, King's Field III was released as King's Field II in the U.S. It has only been released for the PlayStation console.


  • Leon Shore - Leon shore is Lyle's protector and caretaker and on the day of the seal took him away from the castle. He is a skilled crystal crafter and is a source of vast information. He gives Lyle his first sword (the excellector) which grows in power as its user does. Leon is willing to give his life for the succession of Lyle's quest. He will craft Ichrius's Key.
  • Tim Lindquist - He is a traveling merchant sitting by Lake Noel. Enjoying travel, he was visiting Verdite but got trapped in the confusion. He found it impossible to leave after the day of the seal. He is pretty indifferent about his predicament and merely awaits the day when he will be able to continue on his way.
  • Christy Clements - She once had a business near the castle. On the day of the Seal, she followed Leon here, but her family fled to Granatyki. She has been longing to be reunited with her family and return to her life of optimism and prosperity. She is the first merchant you encounter and sells items which are helpful in the beginnings of the game such as earth herbs and antidote plants.
  • Marilyn Miller - Marilyn is an old woman who came to Verdite in search of her son. She gives you a charm in which to free his soul with and will reward you with a map if you succeed. She will often talk about the old days and used to manage an inn which can be found in the frozen plains.
  • Ed Edmund - Ed is found digging graves for the fallen soldiers in the old graveyard. He does not get paid for doing this so he makes his income by taking items from the dead bodies and selling them. He has possession of a rare and powerful magic staff, the flame rod (given to him by Garnubus) and will sell it to you for a large sum. He is the most expensive merchant in the game.
  • Varde - Chief of the Forest
  • John Creel - He guards the palace of wind and will not allow anyone inside unless the possess the magical power of wind. He reveals the location of the Ryu-ga after you re-illuminate the palace. He has always wanted a puppy.
  • Lyn Reinhardt - Lyn is Lyle's childhood friend and love interest. Her father went to Garan to search for a rare metal (promeus) and never returned. She is an elf merchant and will sell you silver arms, boots and ring which protect against the poison in the underground passageway near Ralugo. Lyn longs to be reunited with her father.
  • Jamie Porter - He used to be apart of the garrison but fled because of an injury (Arbalast bolt in his shoulder). He now regrets his decision to flee and finds comfort in unsatisfiable gluttony. He longs to prove himself to the commander. He tells you about the trap made for Silvieras sword Capricorn.
  • Mark Johnson - An appraiser monk who will give you information on your inventory items once you reach wisdom level 5. Being unable to keep written records he is forced to memorize every fact he conveys. He will usually say random useless, (however funny) things.
  • Jane Cowley - A woman who dresses as a boy in hopes to infiltrate the garrison. She is a talented stonemason from the north. Upon meeting her she is very defensive and even cruel. After you help Airon she becomes more friendly towards you.
  • Joe Santos - He is a slightly confused man who thinks he is you. He claims to be looking for the key to the light families treasure as he said that vallad appeared to him telling him where to find it. He escaped from a mental hospital in Grantyki and once thought he was a glass of orange juice.
  • Zul Arifin - The only archmage you interact with besides the obvious receiving of magical power. Zul is the water archmage who controls the water bridges at lake noel. You must give her a recovery item to be granted entrance into the dial room.
  • Lord Oliver Veyrac - He is a sword master who knew the kings father and will teach Lyle level 1 sword magic, give him the Ichrius' wings, and upon meeting certain requirements may give you the "groundal blade". Lord Veyrac protects Priscilla and Toni Gomez who live with him in the ghost village of Cason. When you first meet him you will find that his current state of petrification doesn't make him extremely talkative.
  • Priscilla Gomez - Her parents were caught shipping the red herb out of ralugo and were executed. She now lives with her older sister Toni, and she is found tending to her parents garden. She wishes that the children would return to Cason so she could have someone to play with.
  • Toni Gomez - When Lord Veyrac was turned to stone Toni went out looking for an orladins needle in which to free him. She wishes for peace, and for the happiness of her younger sister.
  • Orladin - A powerful archmage who enjoyed playing tricks on people, sometimes costing them their life. He was granted the power of Ichrius, but isolated himself in his chamber in the Place of Beginning after learning that his sole purpose in life was to wait for Prince Lyle to inherit the power from him, figuring he did not need to be alive to await the future Golden King's arrival. Talking to the bones of Orladin after restoring his skull grants Lyle a significant boost in his ability to cast light magic.


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