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JSOM (JSON Sword-of-Moonlight Object Model, or JSON Scene Object Model) is a project to convert Sword of Moonlight files (largely graphical in nature) into a JSON schema (the schema itself is called JSOM) that is first and foremost applicable to WebGL. WebGL is an emerging 3D graphics standard for the WWW. In a nutshell; OpenGL ES + ECMAScript = WebGL.

The schema itself is not based on Sword of Moonlight. It just came to be due to the need for a schema. The title is just for posterity sake. JSOM stands for "JSON Sword of Moonlight Object Model". It is technically a recursive acronym of happenstance -- the model itself also happens to be very recursive in nature. "JSON Scene Object Model" also works as as a backronym.


JSOM is the name of a command line program that does conversion of Sword of Moonlight related files to JSON files using the JSOM schema. A rendering application (most likely programmed in JavaScript) is then able to display the content of the JSON files.

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