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[edit] KFMT

This is something I am thinking about. I try to setup venues for people to share their stuff. I don't have a venue for audio/video so this is it. Post a link to your audio/video on the internet and I will try to setup special templates to play (embed) them under the KFMT namespace. Then you can make a KFMT page for your audio/video and transclude it in the main page. Once the page gets too large there will be an archive page made for roughly half of it. All of the archives will be listed in the top right corner of the main page like with Wikipedia talk page archives.

Any audio/video is welcome as long as it is pursuant to Sword of Moonlight. Again just post your first video/audio to this talk page and I will personally work on supporting it, whatever format it may be. --Holy 11:30, 23 September 2011 (CDT)

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