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Extensions in this section take the form of an arbitrary string of text on the left of the equal (=) sign and a keyboard macro on the right.

The usefulness of this is three-fold:

  1. To define and or declare keywords in a single place to be substitutes for keyboard macros that would appear elsewhere in the INI file.
  2. To be able to redefine an action and have the new definition automatically propagate throughout the file(s). Note that if you were to do a "Find and Replace" operation with a text editor, keys have different semantics in different contexts, and so the operation could easily have undesirable side effects.
  3. To attach in-game semantics to the keys of the keyboard. For example: Attack=LSHIFT attaches an "Attack" semantic to the the left Shift key.

If an Action keyword appears to be a keyboard macro the interpretation is undefined. In other words, it could go either way, so make sure that that does not happen.

Authors use the #Keymap section to establish a keyboard layout for their games. A player uses the #Keypad section to customize the keyboard for play. Technically other input devices, game controllers, computer mice, are configured by way of mapping buttons and other features to the keyboard inputs. In other words no device is able to do anything that cannot be done with the keyboard.