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Introduced around, this extension registers a .dll file in the "current user" registry area. When Windows does some things like play a movie, it looks through a list of classified DLL files to see if any of them can fill a role. Ie. decompressing a movie file. Sometimes a user must manually run "regsvr32" on a codec library to make this work. On Vista you must be elevated to "admin" level to do so because regsvr32 will register the DLL in the "local machine" registry area. If an author finds that this is required of the codec they wish to use they might consider using this extension. You can also just place your codec DLL file alongside your other files and register it directly. The end-user will not be required to be doing things in admin mode for the registration to take effect.

The syntax looks like "register_indeo_iv50_codec = ir50_32.dll" where what comes after "register_" is more or less simple notation. You can install the file yourself, or assume it is installed, or just place it directly in the folder where the operative SomEx.dll library resides. Values are limited to any string of text.

This setup is pretty much required to get the movies that come with Sword of Moonlight's KING'S FIELD remake to work reliably. Other codecs may be more reliable. It never hurts to err on the side of caution.