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This is the de-facto starting point of the wiki. Some good Samaritan, please take it upon yourself to start filling this in.

Also as a reminder to everyone, there is not a Wikipedia article for Sword of Moonlight. Somewhere along the way that should be remedied. Consider this space a proving ground for whatever such a page (in digested form) might look like.

—for posterity sake, 20:56, 16 February 2011

CC: Wikipedia -- Proposal for Deletion[edit]

I as the original page creator am removing the proposal for deletion banner because the page is every bit as qualified to exist as this ( page, and because there is a huge audience for imported goods in English speaking countries, even if those goods never receive coverage from English speaking "authorities". Furthermore I happen to know this is going to be a subject of relative interest over the coming decade and there are a significant number of people who are interested in finding information on the subject. It's a grass roots DIY collaborative effort just like Wikipedia more or less once was.

I am impartial either way. It's a black eye on Wikipedia if its deleted at this point. But I don't claim to be a Wikipedia guidelines guru, though I try to live up to the standards. The point of Wikipedia is collaboration. But like I say, I don't know if non English sources count. The tone so far anyway I think is fine. Either way a product released by a major corporation is always interesting in and of itself as it relates to the corporation.

Besides this page is going to be way too different GNG or no to hide inside any other candidate article. These are my final thoughts. Thanks for hearing me out.--Holy Diver 03:48, 24 June 2011 (CDT)